Apparel Repair & Refurbishment

With repair and refurbishment, we have one goal: Give you first-quality condition FAST

Time is of the essence. When your apparel or general merchandise has a quality issue, Darn It! has the know-how to restore it to first-quality condition. Beyond repairing broken buttons, we tackle rust stains, mildew smells, and inaccurate labeling. We help you get clothes back on the shelves by managing returns processing. And we revitalize last season’s clothing by replacing trim or adding faux fur.

We do all this and more. And we do it FAST. Our goal is to remediate the apparel repair or refurbishment issue as quickly as possible. You need to get garments to first-quality condition. And you need to get those seasonal goods into the hands of your customers, pronto!

Apparel repair

Apparel Repair
Apparel Repair

Darn It! offers the following apparel repair and refurbishment services:

  1. Apparel relabeling/heat transfer label – By law, label info must be accurate. We can relabel or add heat transfer labels to cover up wrong size information. Learn more >
  2. Apparel sewing repairs – With sewing, repaired apparel can be returned to the shelf as first-quality goods or sporting a seasonal update such as a faux fur collar. Learn more >
  3. Apparel part/trim replacement – Many of our customers rely on our skilled team to replace zippers, snaps, buttons, and other parts or trim. Learn more >
  4. Apparel cleaning – Restoring garments to first-quality condition sometimes involves spot cleaning, laundering, or dry cleaning to remove stains, rust, and even saltwater! Learn more >
  5. Apparel mold and mildew removal – Musty garments can be remediated and returned to first-quality condition, thanks to our ozone shock treatment chamber. Learn more >
  6. Apparel returns processing/reverse logistics – All is not lost. We can inspect, repair, and refurbish customer returns, so you can resell that product. Learn more >
  7. Apparel repackaging/ticketing – Rely on our team for first-quality goods in the right packaging, with accurate tickets, and with a speedy turn-time. Learn more >

Apparel inspection

Apparel Visual Inspection
Apparel Visual Inspection

Darn It! offers the following apparel inspection services:

  1. Apparel visual inspection – When shipments have a quality issue, a fast turn-time is critical. Our staff will inspect and sort apparel, then remediate the issue. Learn more >
  2. Apparel inbound AQL inspection – Many of our clients ship their apparel directly to Darn It’s warehouse for the initial audit (AQL inspection). Learn more >
  3. Apparel measurement inspection – Pant legs too short? Sleeves too long? Our trained team will inspect and sort garments, then offer remediation options. Learn more >

General merchandise inspection & repair

We can rectify almost any quality issue thanks to our efficient process, skilled team, and attention to detail. To identify and quantify an issue, we can conduct an inbound AQL inspection of your goods as well as a 100% visual inspection. We will sort items with quality issues, then team with you to identify the best solution to repair those items. We’ll team with you to ensure your merchandise is in first-quality condition. Learn more >