WMS Inventory Logistics

WMS Inventory Logistics: Our advanced system gives you a real-time window into your inventory. You are never in the dark!

WMS Inventory Logistics
WMS Inventory Logistics

With real-time inventory visibility and real-time reporting, you get instant answers to your pressing questions: What is this week’s sales activity? How much stock is in the warehouse? What is the rate of customer returns? When did that critical truckload of merchandise ship?

Our state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System offers:

  • Real-time reporting on a wide variety of inventory and sales facets, so you have information at your fingertips, 24/7!
  • Integration with major shopping carts
  • Integration with major shipping carriers: UPS, USPS, FedEx, LTL, freight service
  • Stock locator and stock rotation
  • Physical inventory and cycle counting (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually)
  • Product hold, trace, and recall
  • ASN, XML, and EDI capabilities
  • Barcoding  including UCC-128 compliant labeling
  • Kitting and pick-and-pack details
  • Packing slips, customized for the destination
  • Receiving and shipping alerts and scheduled reporting via email

You’ll love having an accurate, real-time picture of your inventory and sales activity as you make strategic sales and marketing decisions.
When you become a customer of Darn It!, we’ll immediately give you password access to our online WMS inventory logistics system. Day or night, you can log in to view real-time sales activity and inventory status for your goods. Plus, you can set up purchase orders for retail outlets and wholesale customers.

And you’ll love the integration …
The Darn It! inventory management system integrates with major shopping carts. When your customer places an order online, our WMS removes that unit from your active inventory and creates a packing list. This enables our trained staff to pick, pack, and ship your merchandise – quickly and accurately.

Next, we add tracking information, so you can see exactly how your merchandise was shipped and when it shipped. And you can trace it, if need be. Whether it’s a single package or multiple truckloads, you have full visibility of the movement of your shipment. Real-time visibility means you are never in the dark!WMS Inventory Logistics



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