Audit (AQL)/Inspection/Sorting

In-house audit (AQL), inspection, and sorting: Get first-quality goods on the shelves, without losing valuable selling time.

Audit AQL / Inspection / Sorting
Audit AQL / Inspection / Sorting

Thanks to our in-house audit (AQL), inspection, sorting, and repair services, you get “one-stop shopping.” Since all our services are in-house, this saves valuable time if a quality issue is found with your apparel or general merchandise.

When a quality issue is discovered during the inspection process at our facility, we can partner with you to quickly determine a plan, then move forward without delay. There’s no need to pack and move your merchandise from warehouse to warehouse. There’s no potential breakdown in communication. And best of all, there’s no loss of valuable selling time.

Inbound AQL inspection has one goal: Assess your shipment’s quality.
Many of our customers route their shipment directly to Darn It! for inbound AQL inspection. During the AQL audit, our trained team inspects a statistical sampling of your apparel or general merchandise to assess general appearance, workmanship, and adherence to specs. If no issue is found, we immediately ship to retail outlets. If an issue is identified, often the next step is conducting a 100% visual inspection.

During visual inspection, we’ll sort first-quality goods so they can get on shelves quickly.
When a shipment has a quality issue, we know this directly impacts sales. That’s why the Darn It! team is trained to quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly inspect your apparel or general merchandise, with an initial focus on sorting first-quality goods you can immediately send to retail outlets.

If the AQL audit or 100% visual inspection reveals a sorting issue, our next step is partnering with you to establish a plan for remediation. Typical sorting issues we encounter include:

  • Merchandise was mixed and packed incorrectly. It must be sorted and identified by SKU so it can be put into stock.
  • A pre-pack or assortment pack must be sorted as individual items, then reticketed and relabeled.
  • Goods were mixed on the pallet and must be sorted down to the cartons and palletized, then a correct shipping manifest is created.

Ship your merchandise to Darn It! for audit (AQL), inspection, and sorting. We’ll get your first-quality goods on the shelves as quickly as possible, without losing valuable selling time.

Audit AQL / Inspection / Sorting


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