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Your 3PL partner specializing in warehouse, fulfillment, and distribution services to support (and enhance) your supply chain.


As a retailer, distributor, manufacturer, or importer, you need an efficient, fast, and accurate support team – a reliable third-party logistics company – to manage a host of activities in the supply chain including warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution.

We maintain the storage space – and staffing – so you don’t have to.
When you entrust us with warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution, you can stay focused on designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling your goods. You won’t have to worry about seasonal fluctuations that can impact staffing levels and storage space. And you can rest assured, knowing we use state-of-the-art inventory management technology that offers ASN, XML, EDI, and UCC-128 capabilities and real-time reporting.

We are your 3PL partner: ready to serve your warehouse, fulfillment, and distribution needs.

  • Packaging, Kitting, and Assembly – Trust our efficient processes and our staff’s keen eye for detail. We offer the efficient, quality-control processes and skilled staff to package, kit, or assemble your goods to meet your exact specifications. Learn more >
  • Audit (AQL), Inspection, and Sorting – Thanks to our in-house audit (AQL), inspection, and sorting services, we can get your first-quality goods on the shelves as quickly as possible, without losing valuable selling time. Learn more >
  • Reverse Logistics – Darn It! has the quality-control processes, state-of-the-art software, and highly trained team to handle your reverse logistics for customer returns, a recall action from retail stores, or end-of-season consolidation. Learn more >
  • WMS Inventory Logistics – Our state-of-the-art inventory technology gives you a real-time window into your inventory. You are never in the dark! It’s helpful to know that we offer ASN, XML, EDI, and UCC-128 capabilities. Learn more >
  • Value-Added Services – With deep roots in this industry, we know that retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and importers need an efficient, fast, and accurate support team to manage a wide variety of activities. Learn more >

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Rely on Darn It! for your warehouse, fulfillment, and distribution needs.
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