We have a “bias” for finishing!

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With apparel finishing, “good enough” is never good enough.

Let’s ensure your units are retail ready.

Dangling threads. Loose buttons. Fallen hems. Wrinkled fabric. Incorrect labels. These conditions won’t meet your distribution center’s requirements – or your customers’ expectations.

When details must be perfectly in order, we’re the perfect team for you. 

Often, garments arrive from overseas manufacturers, and they’re simply not finished to retail standards. Clearly, most distribution centers don’t have a team of seamstresses and a row of presses on hand! Additionally, if specifications are not exactly in order – hangtags, tickets, packaging, and carton labeling – the retailer won’t accept the shipment.

That’s why retailers turn to Darn It!’s Apparel Repair and Apparel Inspection Teams!  You can rely on our highly trained team of apparel finishers to ensure units are ready for your distribution center – and your customers. Backed by decades in the apparel industry, we pride ourselves on speed and accuracy.

Need apparel finishing?

Our services include:

  • Trimming threads, pressing, and addressing issues such as loose buttons.
  • Adding hanger size crowns and placing apparel on hangers.
  • Adjusting incorrect groupings of prepackaged assortments.
  • Folding garments and inserting them into correctly labeled polybags and cartons, per specifications.

Need apparel repackaging/ticketing?

Our services include:

  • Replacing price tickets or hang tags that don’t have the right content, correct placement, or proper attachment.
  • Adding price tickets and hangtags to garments.
  • Printing and placing stickers on polybags (SKU, size, color, codes).
  • Placing hanging garments in flat packaging.
  • Ensuring all packaging meets branding specifications.

The details make all the difference.

Our apparel finishing team will ensure your garments are in uniform condition – and all packaging specifications are perfectly correct. Like you, we firmly believe that “good enough” is NEVER good enough!

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